Everything we've been taught about dieting is BS

Most likely you have found yourself here before. A place where you feel lost, confused, and frustrated as all get out. You know you're capable of more, but every time you try to make a change something always seems to pull you back down. You feel ashamed, guilty, and embarrassed that once again you couldn't commit.

My dear friend, you deserve an extraordinary life and you CAN achieve those big, bold dreams you've created for yourself! You deserve to feel energized, vibrant, and in control! It's time to stop procrastinating, resisting, and sabotaging yourself! If you feel ready for something different, to let go of old habits keeping you stuck, and to make a true change in your nutrition then join me, and consider this your first step towards taking control of your health once and for all!

Who this course is for:

  • You consistently stress and worry about food choices
  • You're SO OVER strict diets and failing to achieve your goals
  • You want to feel good in your body, not ashamed, bloated, or exhausted all of the time
  • You know that it's time for a change, but don't know where to start

Develop a healthy relationship with food and your body by redefining what "healthy" means for you.


Re-learn how to listen to your body, and honor what you need to thrive.

Habits & Routines

Let go of whatever rigid habits you've been trying to force, and create a system of daily/weekly habits and routines that work for you.

Get Started Today!

About Laura

I'm a Registered Dietitian with dual degrees in Kinesiology and Nutrition. I became enamored with health & fitness at a young age, and feel so grateful that I've been able to create a career helping others along their health journey!

But, along the way I've discovered that the traditional methods of "diet" and "fitness" being sold to us are broken. Following a formula to achieve a result simply does not work. If it did, we wouldn't be experiencing the health crisis that we are today.

The nutrition world is noisy right now. Maybe all of the conflicting advice floating around has paralyzed you from even starting. Or, maybe you've tried it all and still find yourself frustrated that nothing seems to work. Either way, healthy eating has become a dreaded chore.

If there's one thing I want you know it's this: eating healthy shouldn’t feel this complicated.


Over the years I’ve used the science of a Registered Dietitian and the heart of a human being who loves food to empower others to transform their diet in a way that’s SIMPLE, ENJOYABLE, and most importantly SUSTAINABLE.


I was finally able to collect the tools I needed to put an end to the hot-mess, roller coaster approach to food and start eating like a "normal person"… and now it’s YOUR TURN! Healthy eating can be easy. It can be fun. And, you don’t have to obsess over food anymore.